Austin Pokemon League Cup

Welcome to Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy Austin, TX Evolutions League Cup! This is our first premier event of the 2017 season and as such will be a full tournament with more rules and regulations being followed. This event is taking place on Sunday January 29th at 11AM.

REGISTER ONLINE TODAY TO SAVE YOUR SPOT as participation is limited

Entry fee – $15 per participant.
Entry fee pays for entry into tournament and prizes for our prize pool.

Format: Standard Constructed Format (XY-Primal Clash and newer)
NOTE: Sun & Moon base set will NOT be legal for this tournament.

Swiss format: Best of 1 rounds. 30 min rounds + 3 timely turns
# of rounds dependent on # of participants per division.
Top 8 cut for masters. Top 8 for Juniors / Seniors dependent on # of participants. We will offer an hour lunch/dinner break for those making the top 8 cut.

What you need:
*POP! ID & Date of Birth –
To earn Play! Points, set up a Pokémon Trainer Club account with a Play! Pokémon Player ID, set your preferences to opt in to Play! Pokémon programs, and then participate in Pokémon Leagues and tournaments. Please note that players must choose whether to earn Pokémon TCG or video game Play! Points.

*Completed 60-card decklist following Standard Constructed Format

*60-card deck matching the decklist

*Dice, damage counters, and special condition markers