Backing on Kickstarter

We love backing Kickstarter® projects here at Dragon’s Lair Austin! The following are projects we’ve chosen to support; if you’d like to request a copy, please place a special order to reserve it ASAP as they are usually released in limited quantities.

200+ pages of excellent NPCs and pre-built characters at level 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20. Statblocks, roleplaying cues, stories and more!

Play as hopeful survivors, or the Zombies, in this 1-5 player game featuring competitive and cooperative modes, and.. more ITEMeeples®!

A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive – and fulfill conflicting objectives.

A fast-paced game of strategy and chance in which up to 6 immortals battle to claim the prize. There can be only one!

Great quality materials and original designs – choose the one you like best or grab a mix! Plus every backer gets a set of RPG dice!

A cooperative fantasy adventure game for up to 4 players based on the Red Sonja comic books and the Legacy line of board games.

Dungeon Alphabet 4th Printing

The Dungeon Alphabet returns in an expanded 4th printing! One of our most popular titles!

Featuring a full set of gaming dice – d4, d6, d8, two d10s, d12, d20 – in a variety of colors! Perfect for the gamer in your life!

Habibi is a new collection of comics and prose by Muslimah creators collaborating on a zine-style anthology about love!

Pulp action at its finest! Use the Fast! Furious! Fun! Savage Worlds game system in the popular cinematic world of Flash Gordon™!


Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right

With creatures and cunning, you’ll rule a fantastic forest kingdom in the ultimate asymmetric game of adventure and war.

Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks for Numenera.








A Euro-friendly, decision-driven, 4X-style game that lets 2 to 5 players explore and control a new star cluster in about an hour.







Two mice lost in a cursed land must avoid monstrous predators and find a way home before it’s too late to save their colony.

A quick and light set collection and drafting game for the whole family. Designed by Daryl Andrews and Erica Bouyouris.

A quick and light set collection and drafting game for the whole family. Designed by Daryl Andrews and Erica Bouyouris.


The POWER & MAGIC SERIES is *BACK* with a special volume of queer witch of color comics delving into the darker sides of magic!

The ultimate game for literary nerds and board gamers alike. “Why not seize the pleasure at once?”

Tasty Minstrel Games presents Seth Jaffee’s newest design “Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done” – in Deluxified™ Format!

Jump to the stars and build your galactic civilization in this fast-paced, innovative 4X board game with bag-building & card drafting.

Frontiers is a 1-4 player standalone expansion for the multiple game-of-the-year award winning Star Realms Deckbuilding Game.

Spin tales from the top secret world of cats! A family-friendly party game from the creator of Gloom, made with your cat pictures!

Written and designed by GUMSHOE master Robin D. Laws, YKRPG takes you on a brain-bending spiral through multiple selves and timelines.

Rage of the Trolls is a tactical card game where players join forces using teams of monster goats to challenge troll boss-fights!

The King has raised a call to arms! Create your character. Earn experience and confront the vile monster terrorizing the village!

The standalone sequel to The Manhattan Project by the same designer. Command your nation’s nuclear weapons program during the cold war.