Casual MTG nights every Sunday!

Have you ever wanted to learn to play Magic: The Gathering? Are you a lapsed player who wants to catch up on all the game changes? Come to Dragon’s Lair Austin every Sunday night at 6:00 PM to play in our casual meet-up!

When: every Sunday night starting at 6:00 PM


Event Details:

Magic the Gathering is the world’s most popular trading card game, with 20 years of popularity and counting! It’s a fun game, but learning to play can be difficult for new players. You
can’t just grab a deck and walk into a tournament. Well…you could, if you like feeling confusion and embarrassment instead of enjoyment! We recognize new and
lapsed players need a relaxed, casual event to learn or brush up on the rules of the game!

That’s why every Sunday night starting at 6 PM, Dragon’s Lair Austin is hosting casual MTG play! All you need to bring is a positive attitude!

We’ll have some practice decks available, but feel free to bring your own decks to play with too!

There will also be a new monthly raffle for casual players! Like our Commander League, $5 gets you a booster pack and a raffle entry!
Raffle prizes include:
1) Deckbuilder toolkit + Planeswalker Deck of choice
2) 9 packs of choice (limited to $3.99 packs)
3) Playmat + Sleeves + Deckbox of choice

Want to practice that modern deck? Test your standard decks before FNM? Teach friends how to play? Great! Now you have a dedicated time and place for it!

We are also extending the Sunday MtG Learn to Play (normally 3-5, now 3-Close), and our Commander League (1-5, now 1-Close).

If enough people show up we will still host wacky pack drafts!  They are simply based on attendance and we are opening up additional formats to run simultaneously.