Casual MTG nights every Sunday!

Have you ever wanted to learn to play Magic: The Gathering? Are you a lapsed player who wants to catch up on all the game changes? Come to Dragon’s Lair Austin every Sunday night at 6:00 PM to play in our casual meet-up!

When: every Sunday night starting at 6:00 PM


Event Details:

Magic the Gathering is the world’s most popular trading card game, with 20 years of popularity and counting! It’s a fun game, but learning to play can be difficult for new players. You
can’t just grab a deck and walk into a tournament. Well…you could, if you like feeling confusion and embarrassment instead of enjoyment! We recognize new and lapsed players need a relaxed, casual event to learn or brush up on the rules of the game!

That’s why every Sunday night starting at 6 PM, Dragon’s Lair Austin is hosting casual MTG play! All you need to bring is a positive attitude!

We’ll have some practice decks available, but feel free to bring your own decks to play with too!

You can also participate in our Casual Sealed League:

$12 buy in for:
– 2 packs Amonkhet
– 1 pack Hour of Devastation
– a 100 card deck box
Build a *30* card minimum deck, play with other league players and have fun. Prizes will be given out at the end of the league based on # of weeks participated and sportsmanship awards nominated by your fellow players.
Each week you can buy an additional, standard legal, pack to add to your sealed pool and get an extra check in towards supporting the final prize pool for $5.
(Every two weeks of check ins earns a you participation pack at the end of the league, $10 effectively nets you 3 packs)

The goal of this league is to offer an easy entry point for new players who want to learn about deck building; and for veteran players to help build up the local community by teaching deck building to new players with a limited card pool in a casual environment that doesn’t worry about win/loss record.

There’s no hard, designated time slot for this other than any time after 3pm on Sunday at Dragon’s Lair. Want to get in some games before Standard Showdown? Great! Wanna play casual matches and skip Showdown that week? Absolutely! Just check in with the event runner any Sunday.

Thanks! We would love your feedback as we grow the community in Austin in a way that encourages and teaches new players without simply saying “Here’s a Planeswalker deck, good luck!

There will also be a new monthly raffle for casual players! Like our Commander League, $5 gets you a booster pack and a raffle entry!
Raffle prizes include:
1) Deckbuilder toolkit + Planeswalker Deck of choice
2) 9 packs of choice (limited to $3.99 packs)
3) Playmat + Sleeves + Deckbox of choice

Want to practice that modern deck? Test your standard decks before FNM? Teach friends how to play? Great! Now you have a dedicated time and place for it!

We are also extending the Sunday MtG Learn to Play (normally 3-5, now 3-Close), and our Commander League (1-5, now 1-Close).

We will also be holding Standard Showdown Tournaments ($6) starting at 6PM!