A Warhammer 40K Global Campaign

This is a global campaign being run over the entire month by Games Workshop, and  we’re allowing players to report their points at the front register. Players can play, paint, or both to participate! Just follow the directions below:

TO PLAY: Each week the mission will change, so direct interested parties toward the website to see what the current mission campaign goal is!

FOR CURRENT MISSION SEE THE OFFICIAL SITE:https://konor.warhammer40000.com/ 
Just select your settings, EXPLORE NARRATIVE, then scroll down for the FULL DEBRIEF to find THIS WEEK’S MISSION to play!

TO PAINT: Players can paint pieces at home or in the store, they need to show you the proper focus of the week to get credit:
Week 1 July 27th: Start Collecting Boxes and/or Space Marines!
Week 2 August 3rd: Elite Troops. These are your special forces troops
Week 3 August 10th: Tanks
Week 4 August 17th: Psykers(powerful Psychics in the far future)
Week 5 August 24th: Fast Attack/Flyers
Week 6 August 31st: Scenery and/or the big Lords of War