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Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Play is every Tuesday at 7PM!

Age of Sigmar is a brutal Fantasy Skirmish Game based in the Heavenly Realms. Fight with or against hordes of Daemons, Orks, Dwarves and more! Engage in small recon missions, massive sieges and combat in the most foul and fantastic lands. Every month the league starts anew with new challenges and missions and new winners. $5 will get you in for the whole month and you can win prizes for success on the field, with painting or with good sportsmanship. And we have plenty of experience to teach you the game and let you try it even if you aren’t sure you want to join just yet. So come in and try it out and stick around if you love saving the Realms, or crushing them beneath you!

Check out our Age of Sigmar Dlair League Rules for more information on how to play, and

Check out the Facebook group for info on the upcoming campaign!


Warhammer 40,000

Open Play every Thursday at 7PM

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