L5R Battle For the Stronghold Events

Join Dragon’s Lair Austin as we run the Battle for the Stronghold kit for Legend of the Five Rings LCG!

The Battle for the Stronghold is an organized play event where players will have the chance to prove your clan is the best and win some exclusive promotional cards. At the end of the Battle For The Stronghold event, the clan that earns the most points will have their banner hung in our store! Dragon’s Lair Austin has this organized play event broken down into two different events:

League: Come into the free to play League (dates and times on this event) and have your chance at winning alternate art elemental role cards. You do not get points for your clan during league play. This a great chance for you to hone your skill!

Tournaments ($5): There will be two tournaments for Battle For The Stronghold (dates and times on this event). This is your chance to earn points for your clan with every win worth 2 points and a loss worth 1. You also have the chance at winning extended art champion cards.

For more info on Battle for the Stronghold, visit: