Magic the Gathering Brawl League

Let’s get ready to rumble! Join us every Monday starting (7/16/18) at 7 p.m. for a casual Brawl experience here at the Lair!
Bring your best Brawl deck and join other players for a few casual games at this free event. You can also Enter a $5 raffle for cool prizes such as Booster Packs, Card Sleeves, Deckboxes, and more, as well as getting a booster pack immediately.
This event is open to all players of any experience level, so if you’ve never played before, or even if you don’t have a deck, you are welcome to come by and learn to play, get tips on deck building, and connect with the community.
Brawl is a new format for Magic where players build 60 card Standard legal decks that feature no more than one of any card (excluding basic lands) focused around a Legendary Creature or Planeswalker. Read here for more details and a breakdown of the format: