Magic Multiverse Cup

Celebrate alongside the world’s best soccer players with our own epic event – the Magic Multiverse Cup!
Come and participate in any of our Magic events below from 6/8 – 7/6 to earn points for your assigned Plane each time you participate!
– FRIDAY NIGHT TOURNAMENTS (Standard/Draft) ($6/$12): Fridays @ 7:30pm (Registration from 7-7:20pm)
– DRAFT ($12): Tuesdays @ 7:30pm (Registration from 7-7:20pm)
– STANDARD SHOWDOWN ($6): Sundays @ 6pm
These attendances will be tracked with a unique to you punch card that can be turned in at the end of the event. Each punch will earn your Plane a point. In addition, if you get 5 punches in your card you may get a free $3.99 booster pack of your choice. If you get all 10 punches, you may redeem it for a free Core 19 pre-release exclusive t-shirt. Then the winning team will each receive a free Core 19 booster pack the Friday the set releases!
So gather your team spirit, and show who the best Plane around is!