Pokemon Winter Camp Registration

Pokemon Winter Camp Registration

At this camp attendees will learn how to play the wildly popular trade-able card game Pokémon! This card game, based on a Japanese video game, has been one of the most popular games in the world for 20 years. During the camp attendees will learn deck construction, competitive play, rules of the Pokémon League and more! This is a great camp for kids from 6-12 years old.

What you get for participating:
-Elite Trainer Box
-Pokemon Starters (x2)
-Card Sleeves (4 Packs)
-Deck Boxes (x2)
-$30 Voucher that can be used for free entry into sealed events or for more Pokemon supplies
-Pokemon Booster Packs (x10)

What You need to Sign up:
1. Fill out  PayPal Info bellow and process the payment ($300)
2. Print and fill-out the 2017 Winter Camp Information Packet.
-This can be physically turned in at our store, or scanned and emailed to our events team at: dlaevents@dlair.net
-Your spot is not reserved until both requirements are met

2017 Pokemon Winter Camp ($300): Tuesday Dec. 26th-29th @ 12pm-5pm and Saturday Dec. 30th @ 12pm-3pm

8 seat limit,

Full Name
Phone Number

If you have any questions, please email our events team at (dlaevents@dlair.net) or call our store at (512)454-2399