Pre-Release Registration Now Open!

The next set of Magic: The Gathering, Ixalan, is approaching quickly! Brave the Unknown and sign up ahead of time for one or all four of of our Ixalan Pre-Release events to save your spot and experience the set before it releases to the public!

Midnight and Saturday (Standard) Prize Support 
4-0 get 8 packs plus a $25 Gift Voucher(Plus Top Player Prize Below)
3-1 get 4 packs(Plus potential Top Player Prize Below)
2-2 get 2 packs
1-3 and 0-4 get 1 pack

Our Top Players will have a slightly changed prize format for the bundles this release. Any player who is 3-0 heading into the final round, will receive a bundle regardless of that final game’s outcome!

Sunday Two-Headed Giant Prize Support
3-0 get 8 packs plus a $25 gift voucher(Plus Top Player Prize Below)
2-1 get 4 packs(Plus potential Top Player Prize Below)
1-2 and 0-3 get 1 pack

Our Top Players, those who enter the final round 2-0, will receive a bundle no matter how their game finishes.