Miniatures Swap Meet

Do you have old models collecting dust on your shelves, plastic sitting pristine in boxes hiding in your closet, a mountain of bits that just don’t work for the project you’re doing currently? We know we do, and on the 30th of June from 3-6 p.m. we will be hosting a swap meet to give people a chance to trade models and bits with each other.
First, the ground rules:
No Cash Trading. You may exchange models and bits for models and bits. As an alternative to cash, you can buy a gift card through the store to exchange.
No New, still in box, product that we currently sell. If you’ve got a squad of space marines you’ve assembled and painted, thats cool to trade. If they are still on the sprue and in the box, and we sell it, don’t trade it. If its still on the sprue, in box, but it’s an old out out of print model, it’s fair game.
Other than that, all miniatures from all games are welcome!