Houston Grand Opening

Dragon’s Lair in Houston had their Grand Opening on December 3, 2016! There was an absolutely fantastic turnout! Many thanks to everyone who dropped by for free comic books, bumper stickers, cookies, pins, cosplay and FUN!

The cosplay competition was lead by Cosmic Empress as “Zantana” and SuWan as the bombshell, “Wonder Woman”. The contest consisted of a stellar cast, including Squirrel Girl, Rey, Matt, Zoidberg, a female Loki, a Night Elf, and a female Kratos, to name a few. There was also a fantastic showing from the 501st Legion.

Steve Jackson Games: Men In Black, Renegade Games Fireside Games and Cool Mini or Not stopped by to demonstrate games for anyone wanting to learn more.

There were artist and author signings by YA Author Kathryn Friesen, the creators of Crafty Monkey, and local comic-book artist for Cherry Blossoms in Bloom, Christopher Arce.

Last, but certainly not least: Many thanks to everyone who came in to game! Dragon’s Lair was ecstatic to see such an enthusiastic crowd.