Dragon's Lair San Antonio Medical Center is offering special Action Comics #1000 Value Bundles! All 10 variant covers and a Hardcover for $99.99!

Action Comics #1000 Value Bundles! Available Now!

We’re celebrating the landmark release of Action Comics #1000 by offering special Action Comics #1000 Value Bundles!

About Action Comics #1000 Value Bundles

Action Comics #1000 will have 10 different variants, covering the eight decades of Superman’s adventures! Featuring art by famous creators such as Lee Bermejo, Joshua Middleton, Jim Steranko, Dave Gibbons, Mike Allred and more, you’ll want to grab a copy of each variant! Including the regular and blank variants, that’s 10 comics for only $74.99!

Or, for only $99.99, you can pick up all 10 variants, PLUS the special Hardcover book Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman! This special Deluxe Edition reprints some of Superman’s greatest adventures in his long history, and is a fantastic history in addition to collector’s item!

Finally, you can buy each individual cover for $7.99 each!

You can stop by Dragon’s Lair San Antonio Medical Center to pre-order, or call us at ph. # (210) 615-1229 to reserve your bundle!