Dragon's Lair San Antonio Medical Center is selling our very own Fiesta 2018 Medal! Get yours now for only $10! Only at the DLSA Medical Center location!

Dragon’s Lair Fiesta 2018 Medals On Sale Now!

Dragon’s Lair San Antonio Medical Center is proud to announce our very own custom Fiesta 2018 medal! This special design honors our location in San Antonio and is available for only $10!

Fiesta 2018!

From April 19th-29th, Fiesta festival-goers will “Party With A Purpose” to honor Texas history, celebrate our diverse cultures, and help local nonprofits. From the opening ceremonies until the last cascarones are smashed, San Antonio will be a city of joyous celebration.  Dragon’s Lair San Antonio Medical Center is glad to get our first chance to commemorate this non-stop party with our own Fiesta Medal!

About our Fiesta 2018 Medal

Our Fiesta 2018 Medal features a custom design by comics artist, illustrator, and friend of the store Alfredo Lopez Jr. (Make sure to meet him on Free Comic Book Day here at Dragon’s Lair Medical Center!)  The medal features a mysterious hero swinging over the Alamo City, with vivid lettering. It features a Dragon’s Lair-green ribbon, and sturdy metal safety pinback. We’re selling them here at our Dragon’s Lair Medical Center location for $10!

Fiesta Medal Collecting

From the commemorative coins of 1946, to the first official Fiesta Medals in 1971, people have been buying, selling, and trading these special collectibles with an unrivaled passion.  Fans and collectors meet up to trade, haggle, and hunt down the rarest specimens every year. You’ll recognize these festival magpies by their rare plumage: dozens of colorful medals jingling from sashes, vests, hats, and more! We hope if you’re one of this special breed, you’ll find our Fiesta 2018 Medal a specimen worth collecting!