Code of Conduct

When you game at any Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy, you are agreeing to behave with a certain level of decorum and civility. The following is a list of guidelines Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy customers are expected to follow while gaming in our space.

  • No swearing or offensive language.
  • Keep voices appropriate for inside. (No yelling, screaming or excessive loud noise.)
  • Please keep all music and sound effects at a reasonable volume. No music with excessive swearing or offensive content is permitted.
  • No pornography.
  • No alcohol, illegal drugs or intoxication is permitted on Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® property.
  • No smoking is allowed inside Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy. Due to state and city ordinances, all smoking must take place 15 or more feet from the front entrance of the building.
  • No unlicensed firearms or other illegal weapons or substances.
  • Conduct yourselves with civility; if you cannot resolve your argument civilly, please continue it another time.
  • Please do not wander the store with your backpack, duffel or other large bag or container. If you are gaming, please leave your gaming supplies at your table or behind the front counter.
  • If you are not gaming, please leave any large bag or container behind the front counter.
  • No running, wrestling, horseplay or fighting.
  • No drinks without lids or open food containers. Please close chip bags, cookie bags, or any other food container.
  • Wing Stop Garlic Parmesan wings are not permitted in the store.  This policy also applies to any excessively strong-smelling food items.
  • You are responsible for the cleanliness of the room or space you are using. All customers using Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® space are expected to clean up after they use our space and leave the space as clean and neat as they found it.
  • Please return all tables and chairs to their original arrangement when you are finished with the room.
  • No unpaid merchandise is allowed in any gaming room.

You will be warned first time you violate any of these provisions.  The next time you are told, you will be asked to leave.  Any violations involving illegal activity, we will call the police.

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