Final Fantasy TCG Booster Draft! December 16th!

Final Fantasy TCG Booster Draft! December 16th!

We’re going to host a Final Fantasy TCG Booster Draft event right here at Dragon’s Lair San Antonio Medical Center on December 16th at 6 PM!

When: Saturday, December 16th
Time: 6 PM
Entry Fee: $15

Prize support will be Final Fantasy TCG booster packs.

About Final Fantasy TCG Booster Draft:

This limited format is the most popular and recommended for the Final Fantasy TCG.

Requires 4 booster packs per player and 4 players per table. (4 of Opus 1, Opus 2, or 2 of each)
Flow of the game:
Each player should open their first booster pack.
Each player should pick the card they wish and add it to their “card pool”.
They should then pass the remainder of the pack in the designated direction.
Pack Number/Pass cards to the Left, then: Right- Left-Right.
Each player should then repeat steps 2-3 until there are no cards left in their booster pack.
Each player should then open the next pack and repeat steps 2-5 until they have no more packs to open.
Players should then build a limited deck using only the cards in their “card pool”.
Players should then play 1 game against each other player in their draft pod of 4 to find an overall winner. *
* Draft can also be used in a small scale Swiss tournament with 8 players and 3 rounds.

In addition to the above rules here are more Limited specific rules:

Decks must contain at least 40 cards (40 to 41 cards recommended).
Victory is attained by inflicting 6 points of damage instead of the usual 7.
Players can have more than three copies of the same card in their deck.
Backups can be played using CP of any colour (Unless if there is a specific color required in
the card’s instructions. Forwards must still have at least 1 CP of their element paid as part
of their cost).
Backups still only produce their element’s CP when dulled.