Magic Intro every Thursday Night at 7 PM!

Magic Intro Now On Thursdays!

Have you ever wanted to learn to play Magic: The Gathering? Are you a lapsed player who wants to catch up on all the game changes? Come to Dragon’s Lair San Antonio every Thursday night at 7:00 PM to play in our Magic Intro Thursdays!

When: every Thursday night starting at 7:00 PM


Magic Intro Details:

Magic the Gathering is the world’s most popular trading card game, with 20 years of popularity and counting! It’s a fun game, but learning to play can be difficult for new players. You
can’t just grab a deck and walk into a tournament. Well…you could, if you like feeling confusion and embarrassment instead of enjoyment! Dragon’s Lair San Antonio recognizes new and
lapsed players need a relaxed, casual event to learn or brush up on the rules of the game!

That’s why every Thursday night starting at 7 PM, Dragon’s Lair San Antonio is hosting Magic Intro Thursdays! All you need to bring is a positive attitude!

We’ll have some practice decks available, but feel free to bring your own decks to play with too!

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • The Basic Basics: Card types, Power & Toughness, Keywords, The Parts of a Turn
  • The Stack, and how to use it: “The Stack” is a concept of how to determine the timing of card effects. Did that card you just cast make your creature into an unstoppable menace, or did
    your opponent’s spell destroy it before the effect could even take place? The Stack lets you know!
  • Building a Deck: Make your own card deck that can actually work, instead of just being a pile of worthless cardboard.
  • Tournament Formats, and other variations on the standard Magic gameplay.

Plus Casual Play!

Say you already know all this stuff, and just want to play some Magic without the restrictions or cost of a Tournament. Or you’ve built a new deck you’re sure will dominate, but want to test it against real players before taking it into your next FNM. Maybe you just want to hang out and tell everyone your ideas for your epic Liliana/Ajani fanfic (please don’t do this). We’ll have space for everyone to hang out and get their play on!

So come to Dragon’s Lair San Antonio every Thursday night, and put some Magic in your life!