Star Wars Destiny Tournament here at Dragon's Lair SA Medical Center on December 16th at 11 AM!

Star Wars Destiny Tournament! Dec. 16th!

Come to Dragon’s Lair SA Medical Center on Saturday, December 9th to play in our Star Wars Destiny Tournament! Win great prizes and have fun with other Destiny players as you pit your fave Star Wars characters against one another!

When: Saturday, December 16th

Time: 11 AM

Entry Fee: $5

About Our Star Wars Destiny Tournament:

A tournament is a competition between Star Wars: Destiny players. After enrolling in the
tournament, competitors are paired against one another in an organized fashion to play
a game. After multiple games against different opponents, players are ranked according to their
performance. Most tournaments conclude with the awarding of prizes to top finishers.
Tournaments are played using the rules provided in the Star Wars: Destiny Rules Reference, which
may be downloaded from the Star Wars: Destiny page of the Fantasy Flight Games website at any time.

Each player must build one team of characters and a deck to use in a tournament. A team of characters
must include at least one character and cannot exceed 30 points, though it may contain fewer than 30
points. A player may choose to field heroes or villains, but cannot have both on his or her team. Each
deck must contain exactly 30 cards. Each player must also select exactly one battlefield.
Players must use the same team, deck, and battlefield for the duration of the tournament.

This Star Wars Destiny Tournament will be played with Swiss Rounds of 35 minutes each.