Our phone number is back to normal! You can reach us at (210) 615-1229 again!

Dragon’s Lair San Antonio is hosting an X-Wing Miniatures Tourney March 11th! Win great prizes while you have fun playing Read More…

PPTQ Standard 1k Tournament on Feb. 18th!

PPTQ Standard 1k Tournament Feb. 18th!

Come to Dragon’s Lair San Antonio on Saturday, Feb 18th to play in our Magic the Gathering PPTQ Standard 1k Read More…

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Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® San Antonio

Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® sells comics, graphic novels, board games, RPGs, CCGs, TCGs, Miniatures and many other great products! We run events every day of the week ranging from boardgame open play to D&D meet-ups, Friday Night Magic and more! Look through our Events section for all the information you need to play!