2017 X-Wing Store Championship June 25th at 10 AM!

2017 X-Wing Store Championship! June 25th!

Come Play in our 2017 Star Wars X-Wing Store Championship on June 25th! Bring your 100 point squad and have a fun time!

2017 X-Wing Store Championship Details:

Date: Sunday, June 25th
Time: 10 AM
Entry: $10.00

Tournament Format will be a Relaxed Tier event with Swiss Rounds. Squads consist of
100 points.

Prize Support:

* Top 32 – An alternate art version of the upgrade card Engine Upgrade.
Positioning is key to success in X-Wing, and having the ability to boost into new
places is an extremely powerful option.
* Top 8 – An acrylic full-length range ruler. Every player needs one of these in
their kit, and eight skilled pilots will leave with one in their possession!
* Top 4 – A range 1 and a range 1-2 ruler. Complementing the one players receive for
a Top 8 finish, these short rulers are extremely useful during the setup stage of
the game, as well as in the tight quarters of space battle.
* Top 2 – A printed acrylic Agent Kallus token. At the beginning of the game, Agent
Kallus selects his target and will doggedly pursue them. This token is a flashy way
to designate his quarry!
* First Place – A printed art plaque to commemorate your victory and a first-round
bye card that is valid at any 2017 or 2018 X-Wing Regional Championship!