Dragon's Lair San Antonio is hosting a Magic PPTQ Sealed format tournament with a cash payout! It all takes place on Saturday, June 17th!

Magic PPTQ Sealed With Cash Payout! June 17th!

Dragon’s Lair San Antonio will be hosting a Magic PPTQ Sealed event with a cash payout on Saturday, June 17th at Noon!

Magic PPTQ Sealed Event Details:

Format: Sealed
Date: Saturday, June 17th
Time: Start time for the event is NOON. You must be on time for this event.
Entry: $40.00

Each player will receive 6 packs of Amonkhet. You will make a minimum 40 card deck out of the packs you open.

Prize Support:
Top 8 will receive a cash payout based on the number of players. Prizes will extend beyond Top 8 once we hit 40 players.

Top 8 will Draft for the Final Rounds

If you have any questions please contact hannah@dlair.net