Blood for the Blood Drive

Date: August 31st
Start Time: 1 PM
End Time: 4 PM

The Gods of Chaos have come to claim Dragon’s Lair! Offer up your Blood for the Blood God, and reap the sweet, sweet rewards!

Starting at 1 PM on August 31st, We Are Blood will be outside the store taking blood donations from anyone who is willing and able! Visitors will get access to some sweet deals on an expansive list of select GW Merchandise while supplies last!

Sales Include:

– Clearance on large portions of the GW section, including sets like Warcry and Titanicus, open to everyone who comes in that day
– Additional sales and deals available exclusively to those who donate to We Are Blood
– Those who donate will also be entered into a giveaway for one of these four items: A Blood Bowl core set, a Blood Bowl team box of choice, a Warcry core set, and a Warcry faction box of choice.


  • Mama Fu’s Asian House
  • Austin’s Pizza

It’s easy to make an appointment online.
We Are Blood will be stationed in the Bloodmobile in the parking lot outside the store.

If you have eligibility questions, check out We Are Blood’s website.
If you have more specific questions or would like assistance signing up,
call We Are Blood at 512-206-1266.

*Remember! Eat a full meal before donating and bring your photo ID.