Blue Santa Donations

We are now collecting toys and things for Blue Santa! 

Blue Santa is a program done by the Austin Police Department where donated toys are distributed to kids of families in need. The goal is to ensure that every child in Austin has a good Christmas, no matter what. (You can read a bit more about it here

It’s a great program that we help with every year, and are proud to be doing again this year! For most of December, we will be taking donations of toys and games for kids all the way from toddlers to preteens. There are two boxes on either side of the geek chic table that all the donations can be put into. Our Geek Chic Table itself is covered with an assortment of toys, board games, squishables, and other kid friendly items from the store that could be purchased and donated to Blue Santa.

Guests are allowed to donate toys that were not purchased from us, BUT they must be
– Brand New
– Clean
– Kid appropriate