Cosplay 101 – Body Cast Workshop w/ Boba Joe Carrera

Date: Sunday 5/26
Start Time: 6 PM
End Time: 7 PM
Cost: $20

Interested in the amazing world of cosplay, but not sure where to begin? Started making a new cosplay but still need help getting some of the basics down? Have questions that you just need a professional in the industry to answer for you? Then come to our Cosplay 101 Workshop!

This month, learn how to make a body cast down to your exact specifications to use for all your cosplay needs! Useful for pattern tracing, costume fitting, measuring, and more, a body cast is a base essential that every cosplayer should know how to construct!

Guests will receive all the materials needed to create their own body cast EXCEPT for a shirt – guests should wear a tight fitting shirt that they are okay with losing for this workshop (alternatives will be available, but will not work as well as a tight shirt will)

This workshop is limited to 8 participants, so be sure to register below and save your spot!

Price: $ 20.00
If you need additional entries, payment will have to be processed separately to ensure that each seat is reserved accurately.

Level up your cosplay game, and learn how to make an amazing body cast of your own!

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