Cosplay 101: Machine Sewing Workshop w/ Greg Burrow

Date: Sunday, 4/28
Time: 6 PM – 7 PM
Cost: $20

Interested in the amazing world of cosplay, but not sure where to begin? Started making a new cosplay but still need help getting some of the basics down? Have questions that you just need a professional in the industry to answer for you? Then come to our Cosplay 101 Workshop!

This month, our resident cosplay aficionado Greg Burrow will be showing you the basics of machine sewing, and teaching you tips and tricks for getting the most out of your sewing machine. Learn how to make polished and clean looking seams, how to sew abnormal fabrics such as leather and spandex, and more!

All participants will get 30 squares of fabric, 2 spools of thread, and some thick cording. You will follow along with Greg to construct a simple dice bag/coin purse using the skills he teaches, then will have enough supplies to take home and practice these skills on your own!

Price: $ 20.00
If you need additional entries, payment will have to be processed separately to ensure that each seat is reserved accurately.