Free RPG Day

Date: Saturday 6/15
Time: All Day

This year, Dragon’s Lair is celebrating Free RPG Day in our own style! Instead of items from the traditional Free RPG Day kits, we will be giving away a specially curated list of items all throughout the day, and you can get them by by getting a punch card and participating in the following events!

  • DM 101 Workshop
  • Miniatures Painting
  • Ladies Night RPG Event
  • Open Gaming tables for D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Star Wars RPG, Dialect, Dungeon World, and more!

Punch Card Prize Break-Down

  • 1st punch = A small bag of dice singles that YOU pick out
  • 2nd punch = A Die Hard Dice tray
  • 3rd punch = Assorted Indie Press Revolution books (such as Monster of the Week, Dread, and more)
  • 4th punch = Kaiju Cut & Sew dice bag
  • 5th punch = A metal dice set from Die Hard Dice
  • and a chance to win a Special Dragon’s Lair “Artisan” bundle!

Don’t miss out on this awesome celebration of all things RPG!