Magic Core 2021 Take Home Prerelease

Date: June 26 – June 28
Start Time: June 26th 12pm
End Time: June 28 8pm
Pre-Release Kit: $25+tax
Seat Cap: 120

It’s Magic Time! With the power of Teferi the time mage, some of Magic’s most iconic throwbacks alongside powerful new cards combine to make this a must have core set!
Alongside some iconic reprints and the new cards Magic the Gathering is finally letting the Dogs out! But be sure to choose a side as Cats will also be making their return to Magic.
Magic: the Gathering Core 2021 provides players of all skill levels the best point to relive some old memories as well as make new ones!

Players will be able to pick up a Prerelease kit for Magic Core 2021 during our normally scheduled Prerelease weekend of Friday June 26th – Sunday June 28th. Core Set 2021‘s Prerelease kit is pretty much what you’re used to—6 boosters; 1 foil date-stamped card; and an insert. This insert has a timeline of Teferi’s life, from his childhood at the Academy to the War of the Spark.

Purchase six Pre-Release Kits for $150.00 plus tax and get the Buy-A-Box
Promo that would normally come only with a full display purchase (Rin and Seri, Inseparable, pictured below) This option allows you to run your own sealed pre-release event complete with prize support!

Don’t forget to vote if you prefer Dogs or Cats as there will be a special promotion for voting!

During the prerelease weekend we will be offering in-store pickup, curbside pickup and even shipping (shipping cost not included) as a method of bringing the prerelease home to you!