Do you like playing casual games of Commander with your friends? Do you like helping those in need by donating non perishables? Good news! Now you can do both AND have the chance to win some amazing prizes while you’re at it!

Date: Saturday 11/23
Start Time: 12 PM
End Time: 6 PM

Come by for a couple of games of Commander – and for every item you donate from the list below, you will be entered into a raffle for any number of prizes, including (but not limited to):

  • Signature Spellbook Gideon
  • Limited Edition “Liliana, The Last Hope” Silver Dollar
  • Unstable booster packs
  • Modern Horizons booster packs
  • Core 2020 and Throne of Eldraine Premium Promo packs
  • Assorted old promo cards
  • And more!

So don’t miss out! Help us support the Hope Food Pantry right here in Austin, and win some awesome MtG goodies!

(feel free to come by anytime before 12PM – we just won’t begin giveaways until then!)

-Canned Tuna or Canned Chicken
-Canned Stews/Soups (Chili, Beef Stew, Chicken Noodle, Cream of Mushroom, etc…)
-Tomato Paste
-Box meals (mac and cheese, red beans and rice, Helper Meals, etc…)
-Peanut Butter
-Other nut butters (for those w/ peanut allergies)
-Shelf Stable Juice
-Shelf stable milk/milk substitutes
-Low-sodium canned vegetables
-Canned fruit in its own juice or water
-Olive or canola oil
-Low-sugar whole grain cereals
-Instant breakfast (granola bars, instant oatmeal)
-Healthy snacks (applesauce, granola bars, nuts, dried fruit)
-Instant potatoes (mashed or flavored variety)
-Rice or Pasta sides (Knorr’s, Rice-a-roni, Uncle ben’s, etc…)
-Spaghetti, Pasta and Egg Noodles
-Rice (not large bags – Minute Rice, etc…)
-Pasta Sauce (in cans or plastic jars)
-Chicken, beef and vegetable broths and stock.
-Instant pudding/jello mixes
-Corn Muffin Mix
-Tortillas or Crackers

-Anything in Glass
-Candy, Soda or high sugar items
-Anything that needs to be frozen/kept cold
-Bulk items that need to be repackaged
-Items with damaged packaging (dented can, busted lids, etc…)
-Expired items