MtG Christmas in July Community Event

Date: Tuesday 7/30
Start Time: 6 PM
End Time: 12 AM
Cost: FREE! (unless participating in the draft running at the same time)

Join us for our community event full of Holiday Cheer and none of the Wintertime Blues!

We will be hosting a fun Holiday themed MtG Celebration for all players with a number of fun activities, games, and goodies.

  • Blind Singles Exchange – Bring your choice of Magic Single valued at $5 – $10 in a plastic toploader to participate in our blind singles exchange! Our staff will personally verify the value of submitted singles before collecting them for the exchange.
    *The Singles Exchange will happen at 7:30 PM
  • Ugly Holiday Summerwear Contest – We’ve all seen those tacky Holiday sweaters every December, but now it’s time to show off your tacky Holiday summerwear! Tank tops, board shorts, flip flops, sunglasses, you name it! Make sure your ensemble makes people cringe with warm holiday cheer – the person who is voted to have the ugliest Holiday Summer outfit will walk away with a copy of the Holiday Promo Card “Bog Humbugs”
    *Voting for Ugliest Holiday Summerwear will be at 9 PM
  • Sneaky Santa Gift Packing – Throughout the event, you can purchase booster packs for other players that our “little helpers” will distribute randomly throughout the event, without them knowing who purchased for them. Watch your friend’s eyes light up with one of the best presents available – packs!
  • Draft and Cube – Alongside our traditional Tuesday night Draft, we will also have space for cubing! Bring your favorite cube and sit down with some players, and enjoy the spirit of the Holidays – unwrapping things!
    *Draft will begin at its usual time of 7:30 PM, Cubes will pick up throughout the evening

In addition, we will have an assortment of Holiday baked goods available as well so that you can really get in the spirit!

Don’t miss out! Come and enjoy this fun filled event with us!