MtG: Commander Weekend Tournament

Date: Saturday 8/24
Start Time: 12 PM
End Time: 12 AM
Cost: $5/FREE

It’s Commander Weekend! Come celebrate one of the most popular Magic the Gathering formats this weekend, and you can walk away with special promo packs, booster packs, and more!

Pay $5 to participate in our Commander League, where you will get a standard booster pack for participating and have the chance to win additional booster packs later that day during our giveaway! Giveaways will be done at 6 PM, but you’re welcome to keep playing all night long!

Don’t feel like paying into the league? No worries! You can come out and play completely for free, and will still be eligible for promo pack giveaways!

If you don’t have a commander deck, then make sure to special order one of the four decks that are being released the day before the event! These decks will be ready to play right out of the box.