MTG Ikoria Take-Home Pre-Release!

Preregistration Price: $25
Dates for Pickup: 5/15 – 5/17

Players will be able to pick up a Prerelease kit for Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths during our normally scheduled Prerelease weekend. The price includes one prerelease kit containing 4 packs of Ikoria and a special promotional card, and each player will also get 2 additional booster packs of Ikoria as well as a special bonus pack which can range from an additional booster pack of Ikoria, an Ikoria Promotional Pack (similar to the ones you would get by participating in our Friday Night Magic events) or even a special Collector’s Booster in certain packs!

During the prerelease weekend we will be offering in-store pickup, curbside pickup and even shipping (shipping cost not included) as a method of bringing the prerelease home to you!