MTG: Planeswalker Draft

Date: Sunday 5/26
Time: 3 PM – 9 PM
Cost: $20

Celebrate War of the Spark with this competitive draft event for Planeswalker Weekend!

For our Planewalker weekend draft event, Planeswalker cards will be castable using mana of any color! This means that you will be able to play your Planeswalker from every pack regardless of the color(s) of your deck.

This event will have a 48 player cap. We will host 6 draft pods of exactly 8 players each. After 3 rounds, we will award boosters of War of the Spark to the top players based on your standing within your pod.

  • 1st place per pod receives 8 booster packs
  • 2nd place per pod receives 6 booster packs
  • 3rd place per pod receives 4 booster packs
  • 4th place per pod receives 2 booster packs

The top player from each pod will move on to a final bracket to determine who is the ultimate Planeswalker! Our grand champion will receive the Champion Playmat, along with a custom Champion Trophy. Our second place winner will receive a custom Runner-Up Trophy.

Registration for this event begins at 2 PM and close at 2:50 PM or when the 48 player cap is met. So don’t be late!