Now Open! 20 Person Capacity Limit

Dragon’s Lair Austin Family, 

While we are heartened by the phased re-opening of business in Texas, we are taking our re-opening with a bit more caution. Our number one priority is the safety and health of our staff and customers.

As of Friday, 04/24/20, we began offering contactless curbside as an option as well as continuing our shipping. This option allows customers to call the store, purchase items, pay over the phone and pick their purchase up without leaving the comfort of their vehicle. We also have a window display at the front of our store that allows customers to browse our new product and shop safely by calling us and having new product delivered as a curbside purchase.

On Monday, 05/04/20, we will be opening our business with some strict regulations.

• We will allow no more than twenty individuals, including staff, at a time in the store and social distancing practices must be observed.
• All shoppers must wear an approved face mask when entering the store and immediately use hand sanitizer or wash their hands to ensure their safety as well as our staff’s safety.
• All staff members will wear face masks while on our sales floor and will use hand sanitizer or wash their hands between transactions.
• When paying for purchases customers and staff will remain at least six feet apart. We will have stanchions in place to guide customers on where they should stand during this process.
• If a customer decides to not purchase an item, the item in question will be placed in a provided receptacle so that it can be sanitized and returned to the shelf.
• Reusable shopping bags are prohibited at this time. If customers would like to use a bag, we have a variety of paper bags with and without handles.
• Certain sections of the store, i.e. dice bins and buttons, will require further protections in order to be shopped. For example, we will provide disposable gloves that can be worn while sorting dice and can be immediately thrown away.
• Restrooms will remain open to customers and will be cleaned on an hourly basis.
• Our events and play space will remain closed to the public at this time.

We will continue to update our policies as the situation remains fluid.

As always, we appreciate all of your support during these crazy times!

Angie Blackmon, Owner
Maidez, E.O.M.