Store Policies

Dragon’s Lair is a Safe Environment

Since 1986, Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® has been a safe and welcoming environment for any member of the comics and gaming fandom community regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, country of origin, sexual orientation or gender identity. We strive to create an atmosphere in which anyone and everyone feels safe and comfortable in the store shopping and participating in events. We have a diverse staff that spans a wide spectrum that can empathize and relate to everyone. Not only do we believe this as a staff but we practice this in our actions and have protections against inappropriate behavior and speech in our Code of Conduct that is posted online and in store and applies to all guests.

If ever a person feels uncomfortable or marginalized in our space we ask that they bring it to the attention of our staff and will see to it that the situation is addressed.

Code of Conduct

During your interaction with Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy®, you are agreeing to behave with a certain level of decorum and civility. The following is a list of guidelines Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy customers are expected to follow while gaming or shopping with us.

  • No swearing or offensive language.
  • Keep voices appropriate for inside. (No yelling, screaming or excessive loud noise.)
  • Please keep all music and sound effects at a reasonable volume. No music with excessive swearing or offensive content is permitted.
  • No pornography.
  • No alcohol, illegal drugs or intoxication is permitted on Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® property.
  • No smoking (including vaping) is allowed inside Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy®. Due to state and city ordinances, all smoking must take place 15 or more feet from the front entrance of the building.
  • No unlicensed firearms or other illegal weapons or substances.
  • Conduct yourselves with civility; if you cannot resolve your argument civilly, please continue it another time.
  • Please do not wander the store with your backpack, duffel or other large bag or container. If you are gaming, please leave your gaming supplies at your table or behind the front counter.
  • If you are not gaming, please leave any large bag or container behind the front counter.
  • No running, wrestling, horseplay or fighting.
  • No drinks without lids or open food containers. Please close chip bags, cookie bags, or any other food container.
  • We have a store cat. Please be respectful of them. (No chasing the cat, no laying on the cat and please do not pick up the cat without speaking to a store employee.)
  • Do not feed the store cat.
  • You are responsible for the cleanliness of the room or space you are using. All customers using Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® space are expected to clean up after they use our space and leave the space as clean and neat as they found it.
  • No unpaid merchandise is allowed in any gaming room.
  • We expect everyone who comes into Dragon’s Lair to show respect to everyone in the store. We have a welcoming environment we strive to maintain and all customers and players are expected to show good sportsmanship when it comes to dealing with others. Rude or abusive behavior is not allowed.

Return Policy

Product must be returned in undamaged, sell-able condition within 7 days of purchase to receive a cash or credit refund. Credit refunds will be returned to the card used for purchase.

Product may be returned or exchanged for store credit in the form of a gift card when in undamaged, sell-able condition within 30 days of purchase.
Proof of purchase must be provided in order to return or exchange an item, either under personal purchase history or by showing a receipt from Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® for the purchase.

Manufacturing errors (sealed item is damaged when package is opened) may be returned to Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® so we can report the error to the manufacturer: original packaging is required.

Clearance or discount items are not eligible for return.

Layaway Policy

  • The minimum price of an item placed on layaway is $30.00
  • The minimum initial deposit is 25% of the retail cost of the item or items + sales tax
  • Sales Tax is collected on each payment
  • If special ordering or pre-ordering a product over $100, an initial 25% deposit must be collected
  • The balance must be paid off within 60 days of the initial deposit. There can be as many or as few payments as the customer is comfortable with
  • If the layaway is not paid off during the 60-day period, any payments to Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® are voided and all payments are non-refundable
  • The initial deposit and all payments made to Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® can be refunded as store credit within 60 days. If ALL payments were made using the same tender, and the customer provides receipts proving this is the case, a refund can be made to a card or via cash with Manager approval
  • By signing and dating the layaway form you are agreeing to these terms

Variant Cover Policy

It is common practice in the comic market to mark up variant covers in price due to their limited availability.  Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® is unique because we do not follow this practice, and choose to sell them at cover price.  Subscribers are allowed to request variants for the series that they are subscribed to, but will only receive one of each available cover in order to keep special or sought after variant covers from going to a single individual. Orders and requests for variant covers are never guaranteed, and a subscription for variants only will not be accepted.

Subscribers are randomized when comics are pulled every week in order to make the distribution of variant covers as fair as possible.

Subscribers to a book will take precedence over special orders for variant covers, meaning that a special order will only be filled if no subscribers have requested the variant, or the subscribers also received the variant.  Special orders are limited to one of each variant, but can be placed for multiple variants for a book if there will be more than one released.  These are filled by the earliest date placed to the latest date placed.

Once the books hit the new wall on Wednesday morning, the cap on variant ordering goes away, meaning that if a customer comes in on Wednesday morning in person when they release, the customer can purchase multiple copies of available variants that made it to the New Wall.  Customers are not allowed to call to put multiple copies of variants on hold.  The only way to gain access to multiple copies of the same variant cover, whether you are a subscriber or regular customer, is to come in when we open early on Wednesday morning at 9AM.

These policies are in place in order to make access to variants fair, and to prevent customers from ordering multiple copies to sell or take advantage of the lack of mark-up. Distributing them among our clientele as equally as possible ensures that the most subscribers possible receive variants if they have specified they would like them.  The best way to get access to variant covers is to start a subscription, and specify which kind of variants for the series that the customer would prefer if the customer has an artist preference such as Scottie Young, who is well known for the variant covers he creates.