Star Wars Armada Regional

Star Wars Armada Regional Championship ($20)

Join us Saturday, Feb. 16th at 11am, and command your fleets in an epic battle of massive ships! Star Wars Armada allows you to take charge of the largest forces in the Star Wars universes – the fleets of the Empire and Rebellion.

At our Regional Event, you can pit your skills against the best Admirals the Galactic Imperium and Rebel Alliance have to offer. Fit in three action-packed Armada games while you demonstrate just how well you can fly!

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$20 entry fee, registration below.

24 player maximum.

Registration will open at 11am and the first round will begin at 12pm (noon).


  • Standard 400 point format
  • 2x copies of your list, one with your objectives to be given to the Tournament Organizer
  • This Regionals event is a Formal tier FFG event.
  • FFG 2018-2019 Regional Kit offered as prize support
  • Pre-order for the Imperial Super Star Destroyer to be given away at random during the course of the event