Tri-City Tournament Qualifier

Date: Saturday, 10/19
In Store Registration/Check In Time: 11 AM – 11:50 AM
Start Time: 12 PM
End Time: 6 PM
Seat Cap: 48 spots
Cost: $10

Online Registration is now open! You can find it at the bottom of this post.

Join us as we begin the journey for the first ever Annual Dragon’ Lair Tri-City Tournament – An friendly competition that spans across all four Dragon’s Lair locations to showcase each unique community and find the best player among us!

This year, Dragon’s Lair: Austin will be hosting a high stakes MtG: Standard tournament in November where one lucky player will walk away with more than $500 in prizes, including a booster box of Throne of Eldraine, a Collector’s Booster Box of Throne of Eldraine, and more! The store who sends that winning player will also receive a special trophy commemorating their victory in the Tri-City Tournament!

Only 4 players from each Dragon’s Lair location will be elligible to participate in the final tournament – you must play in that store’s qualifying tournament in order to see if you make the cut!

For this Qualifier, we will be hosting a 48 seat cap Standard tournament on October 19th to determine our top 4 players for the event. This will be a four round tournament with a cut to top 8. Players will receive booster packs based on their win record before the top cut (4-0 will receive a total of 4 booster packs, 3-1 will receive a total of 3 booster packs, and everyone else receives 1 booster pack)

The top 8 players will enter our playoffs, where they will compete in single elimination tournaments to determine who will represent us in the final tournament. After the first round, the remaining four players will all qualify for the final. The final two players will receive Throne of Eldraine Collector’s boosters based on their final standings.

Check In and In Store Registration will be available in store starting at 11 AM and closing at 11:50 AM SHARP! We will begin the first round at 12 PM. No late entries will be accepted, so please make sure you are on time! Spots are limited, so don’t wait – get here early and enter into this fantastic event!


Online Registration will close at 12:00pm on October 18th to allow for confirmation and processing. Please call us at (512) 454-2399 if you would like to confirm that there are still spots available for in-store sign-ups the morning of the event!