Twilight Imperium Tournament

Twilight Imperium Tournament ($10)

The First Lone Star Galactic Council has been summoned! Will you answer the call? We will convene in the capital city to crown our first champion of the Lone Star Galaxy.

This will be a 36 player, two day tournament of Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition held at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® in Austin, Texas. Come out and join us in a weekend of epic space operas! PAX MAGNIFICA BELLUM GLORIOSUM


The tournament is on President’s Day Weekend on Saturday, February 16th and Sunday, February 17th. Check in is from 10:00 am – 10:15 am, then we will assign tables at 10:20. If you are late, your spot may be forfeited at this time. Games will begin at 10:30 am. 36 players will play 6 games on day 1, with the winner of each game competing in a final game on day 2. Players that do not make the final table may attend on day 2 to play consolation (for fun) games.

Please view our Google doc for more information on Tournament Rules, the Dragon’s Lair Code of Conduct, and other tournament information.

Join us on Facebook and/or on Discord to coordinate housing, transportation, or additional plans outside of the tournament!


$10 entry with registration below.

Prize Support:

1/6th of the prize will go to the store for hosting, with the rest being split among the top 6 players. Exact amounts TBD.