Warhammer 40K Casual Tournament ($5)

Date: Saturday 5/25

Check In Time: 10:00 AM
Start Time: 10:30 AM
End Time: 5:00 PM

Join us and socialize with new players! In this tournament you will play three friendly 2v2 games at Dragon’s Lair Austin!

Each player should bring a 1,000 point matched play list and will be randomly paired with a new partner each round with fun custom missions (random prizes only).

Terrain Guidelines
The following modification to Ruins type terrain should be used: Ruins: For this event, the bottom level walls of all ruins are considered to block LoS even if they do not actually do so. This means existing openings in them such as those created by windows, doors, bullet holes, etc. block LoS. This rule does not mean the players create walls where none existed. If in doubt as to where to define these barriers, clarify with your opponent before the game begins.

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