DBS Unison Warrior 3 -Vicious Rejuvenation Pre-release Tournament

Sunday January 17th is our pre-release for the next DBS TCG set, Vicious Rejuvenation! Boxes for Vicious Rejuvenation will be available early for sale day of prerelease only for $89.99

$25 Entry
*4 Rounds
35 minute round timer
*Rounds subject to change depending on number of entries.
All participants must have a BCC ID.

If you do not have one, get one here: https://global.carddass.com/club/bcc/menus

– Foil Version Frieza Leader Card x8
– Foil Version Meta-Cooler Unison Card x8
– Pre-release Pack x8 (2 cards per pack)
Top 1/8:
– Foil & Full Art Version Frieza Leader Card x1
– Foil & Full Art Version Meta-Cooler Unison Card x1