Dragon’s Lair Summer Camps (Dungeons and Dragons & Board Games)

Starting June 8th and running every day until June 12th from 1pm to 4pm are our Summer Camps! Anyone under the age of 18 can participate and learn/play some Dungeons and Dragons or some new board games!
Summer Camp reservation fee is $100

DND Camp: The 5 days will run players through character creation and a basic campaign. On the final day, players will be able to pick 1 DnD min, 1 set of dice, and 1 DnD book as their prize for participating!

Board Games: The 5 days will provide new board games to earn and play throughout the week. On the final Day players will be able to pick up 1 (or a combination of multiple) Board games with a maximum value of $50
Both camps provide players with a drink and snack each day.

To sign up either head inside the store or call us at 832.761.0072 to pay/reserve a spot!