Keyforge Store Championship

Date: Saturday 10/26
Start Time: 3 PM
End Time: 6 PM
Cost: $10

Dragon’s Lair hosts our first ever Keyforge Store Championship!

Format: Reversal
Swiss Pairing, Best of One, 35 min/round


At a KeyForge Store Championship, the Top 32 players will receive a Chain Tracker featuring the ever-volatile Brobnar goblin, Bingle Bangbang (Age of Ascension, 2).

The Top 8 players will also receive a deck box featuring Bingle Bangbang and a pair of brawny arm-wrestling Brobnar from the action card, Might Makes Right (Age of Ascension, 43).

The Top 4 players gain five acrylic power tokens, as well as a Bingle Bangbang playmat.

In addition to everything else, and the hefty load of Æmbershards, the winner of the Store Championship also walks away with a unique set of Bingle Bangbang card sleeves. Boom!

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