War of the Spark Pre-release Events

MtG: War of the Spark Pre-Release Events

Saturday, April 27th

Saturday Midnight Sealed, Cap at 80 – $25
Saturday 1pm Sealed, Cap at 40 – $25
Saturday Two-Headed Giant, Cap at 15 teams – $45

FREE Pizza and Drinks for those participating in our Midnight Pre-Release only.

Also, FREE FNM entry on the 26th for those registered for the Midnight Pre-Release! Call us for details!

Sunday, April 28th

Sunday 1pm Sealed, Cap at 30 – $25
Sunday 4pm Sealed, Cap at 30 – $25


There will be 2.5 booster packs per player into the pool for
the MIDNIGHT EVENT. All other events will have 2 booster packs per player
into the pool. Everyone who plays in at least 2 rounds will receive one
booster pack for participating.

We will be giving away a SCG War of the Spark Pre Release
Playmat with the Dragon’s Lair logo after round 2. There will be other
random giveaways all weekend long! 1st place will also receive a playmat.


Players will make a minimum 40 card deck out of the cards they open from
their packs.

Regular Sealed Events will be 4 rounds. Two Headed Giant will be 3 rounds.

Want to know more? Contact Us or call to reserve your entry!