Throne of Eldraine Pre Release Events

Dates: Friday-Sunday: September 27th-29th

Throne of Eldraine Friday Pre Release
When: Friday, September 27th
Entry: $25
Format: Sealed
Start Time 7:30pm

This event will be 4 rounds.

FREE Pizza and drinks for Friday players!!!! Cap at 80 players.

Throne of Eldraine Saturday Pre Release Events
Saturday, September 28th 1pm $25 entry Cap at 40 players
Saturday, September 28th 5pm $45 per team Cap at 12 teams

1pm event will be 4 rounds
5pm event will be 3 rounds

Throne of Eldraine Sunday Events
Sunday, September 29th 1pm Cap at 30 players
Sunday, September 29th 3pm Cap at 30 players
Sunday, September 29th 5pm Cat at 20 players

Entry is $25 per event
1pm and 3pm events 4 rounds
5pm event 3 rounds

Details for All Sealed Events:

Prize support: There will be 2.5 booster packs per player into the pool. Everyone who plays in at least 2 rounds will receive one booster pack for participating.

Promotions: We will be giving away a SCG MTG Throne of Eldraine Pre Release Playmat with the Dragon’s Lair logo after round 2. There will be other random giveaways all weekend long!
1st place will also receive a playmat.

Players will make a minimum 40 card deck out of the cards they open from their packs.

You can sign up in store or over the phone at 210-615-1229

Want to know more? Contact