WPN Preliminary Modern Cash Payout #1

WPN Preliminary Modern Cash Payout #1
Start Time: Noon
Entry: $30
Cap at 64 Players
Format: Modern

Prize Support: Cash Payout to Top 8 based on the number of players. Top 16 will get to move on to the WPN Qualifier Modern Event on Saturday, July 4th here at The Dragon’s Lair. If you Top 16 at this event, you will be unable to play in the second part of the preliminary events on Saturday, June 20th.

At 50 players and over: $1000 into the pool
1st $300
2nd $140
3rd and 4th $120 each
5th thru 8th $80 each

Anything under 50 players will be cash payout based on the number of players.

This event will be fully judge staffed. Deck lists are required for this event. Please make sure you have your deck lists ready before the event starts. We ask everyone to at least get here 15 mins in advance.

Please keep a lookout for more information and pre registration links in the next couple of months.

For more information contact hannah@dlair.net