Zendikar Rising In Store Pre Release

Zendikar Rising In Store Pre Release Events!! Sign ups start on Tuesday, September 1st. You must pay in ordered to be considered signed up. Each event is 4 Rounds

When: Friday, September 18th at 7pm

Saturday, September 19th at 1pm

Sunday, September 20th at 1pm

Entry: $25+tax per event

Each event is capped at 20 players. The events will take place in our private rooms. No more than 4 people per room unless it’s staff or a judge. Face masks are REQUIRED. You will have 3 warnings if you are not wearing your masks in store or in the rooms. After the 3rd warning you will be asked to leave with no prize support (We will make an exception for those eating and drinking). All players must have their temperature checked before playing. There will be waiver forms for players as well. If you don’t feel comfortable playing in the store you can purchase kits here-

Prize Support for In Store Pre Release:
Each player gets a pack per win. Undefeated players get an additional 2 booster packs. There will also be Set boosters added to the prize pool.
Pre Release kits include 6 booster packs, a foil promo, and a spin down die. The price is $25 plus tax.

DCI numbers are REQUIRED for this. You may email hannah@dlair.net or via Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/KuDpxNV?fbclid=IwAR30W2kFRfuiBJND3Iz7YwN5s_kAGmsvdSbbQrK0F3YawXeNOtcJ9whrmWk