MTG Conspiracy Draft 8/28

We just got into the thick of it with Eldritch Moon and there’s ANOTHER Magic the Gathering set coming out!? Don’t fret, Conspiracy: Take the Crown is not the new block in standard, it’s an entirely different format. Conspiracy drafting is a ludicrously fun way to draft first introduced with the original Conspiracy set two more »

Superhero Day is September 4th!

Superhero Day is a family friendly event for parents to bring their kids in to meet and take pictures with various comic characters from DC, Marvel, etc. who will be here courtesy of Heroes of Texas. Also in attendance are two fantastic charity organizations, Superhero Kids and the CASA Superhero Run!  

30th Anniversary Celebration

Thirty years ago, the first Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy started in Austin, Texas! One small store has grown into a multiple-store franchise, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon! To celebrate our three decades selling comics and games we’ll be holding a Renaissance style Faire on Saturday September 17th including a castle bouncy house, free popcorn, more »

Join us to celebrate PRIDE

The annual PRIDE parade and festival is taking place this year on Saturday August 27th.   Look for our booth at the festival for your chance to spin our wheel for prizes, and join us or cheer us on in the parade that night! Check out more events and information on their official website:  

ARG CFV Registration is open!

Enter the Fall State Championship by registering online now! Spots are limited to 60 players. ARG Cardfight!!Vanguard Fall State Championship Registration

Book Club Meet-Up

Our next book club is on Monday September 5th at 6PM and we’re featuring some lovely ladies from the bat-family with Gotham City Sirens. Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman team up, and Gotham will never be the same. Join us to meet some new people and discuss these characters and their dynamic relationships and escapades!  

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