Battle For Zendikar

The Eldrazi have awoken and they’re rampaging across Zendikar.  Planeswalkers are banding together to contain this monstrosity-but will they prevail or will the plane of

August 24, 2015 Events!

Fate/Stay Night Release

Check out the new Weiss Schwarz set Fate/Stay Night on Sunday September 6th at 1pm! Entry fee is $25, but the experience is priceless

August 20, 2015 announcements, Events!

Batman Day

September 26th is all about the caped crusader!  We’re going to be celebrating the dark knight in a bunch of different ways! Batman Movie Marathon:

August 20, 2015 announcements, Events!

The Web Awakens this October

Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy will be hosting Webcomic Rampage Episode VII:  The Web Awakens this October 16-18th.  The guest list is still being finalized

August 19, 2015 announcements, Events!

July Employee of the Month

We are happy and proud to announce that our employee of the month for July is Evan!  Evan has quickly become an asset to our

August 02, 2015 announcements

Monthly Cosplay Events!

We’ll be hosting a build night and a cosplay sketch event once every month! Build nights will focus on costume construction.  Bring a sewing machine,

June 17, 2015 Events!
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