Place a Special Order

Special Orders are for items that are currently on the market that you would like us to retrieve for you, or if the item is in our current stock we’ll pull it from the floor and give you a call.  Special Orders may also be place for upcoming product releases.

We can order anything from the following catalogs; Catalog DiceGameOrganizersGame SetsGame Mats for Catalog Game Supplies– just fill out the form below!

If the product order is $100 or over, a 25% deposit is required.

If we’re out of stock, we’ll order it for you and call you when it arrives.
**NOTE** When ordering from our distributors, it may take 2-4 weeks to arrive depending on the stock levels in our distributors warehouse.

Mail-Order Subscriptions

To start a mail order subscription, fill out the form below, read and agree to the Mail-Order Terms of Service. Our Shipping Representative, Crystal will be contact you as quickly as possible.

Please include any apartment or PO Box numbers.
Please describe the item that you would like to be shipped.

*Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy (R) Austin Subscription Shipping Terms*

There is no minimum number of items required to order but please note that we use USPS Priority Flat Rate charges for all shipments. These prices range from $5.75 – $17.90 depending on size of order.

We will charge your card on file automatically at the time your subscription is processed (usually Mondays)

IF you have the WEEKLY shipping, your charge will be added at the time your books have been processed.

Bi-weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly shipping will still charge your card on file the Monday after your titles have been processed, however your shipping charge will be charged on the day of shipping and NOT with your subscription. BE AWARE, you may see a double charge at times, this will be because your processed order and shipping charges were two separate transactions.

Wednesdays are “New Comic Day”. If you wish to make changes to your subscription, please do so no later than the Monday prior to ensure an accurate subscription pull. Special Requests, Modifications, and/or Cancellations made AFTER Mondays will NOT go into effect until the following week.

Due to the collectability of the comics and merchandise we sell, we are unable to accept returns. In the case of damaged or wrongly shipped orders, please contact our shipping representative crystal@dlair.net (crystal@dlair.net) or call our store at (512)-454-2399.